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jQuery-UI Context Menu Plugin

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VectorWorkz has created this context menu plugin using the new jQuery-UI Menu available as of jQuery UI 1.11. It would have been great if the jQuery UI team had extended their Menu to support Context Menu scenarios as well, but since they didn’t do it, we have here.


  • Associate a single menu with multiple DOM elements.
  • Ability to change state of context menu items dynamically in BeforeContextMenu.
  • Adjust where the context menu will be shown.
  • Ability to manually show and hide context menu.
  • Ability to add Sub menus, icons and images.

Download source file from VectorWorkz jquery UI Context Menu.

Dependeant files

  • jQuery
  • jQuery-UI version 1.11 and later
  • jQuery-UI CSS

JS Fiddle Samples

Sample 1
Custom Menu Position Sample.

Sample 2
Sample shows how to Add & Remove MenuItem dynamically.

Sample 3
Sample illustrate how to manually show a Context Menu.

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