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How to Filter JSON data using jQuery ?

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This sample shows, how to filter the JSON data by its item, jQuery.grep() will filter the array which satisfy a filter function, so here we are using the $.grep to filter JSON data.


  1. Rohit on Jun 10, 2013 Reply

    i am making a portal just like an ecommerce site having search panel at the left of the page i.e. in Master page and on the basis of selection of check boxes i want to populate result set on the content page i.e. to the right.

    Now the problem is that i want to achieve it using json. Can anybody help me how to populate the child page using Json taking filter parameters from master page.

    I am able to call a web service on checkbox click on the master page and have the result but how to display it in child page.

  2. sonal on Dec 05, 2013 Reply

    want the js file which are require to run this code

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